A320 is one of the best and safest aircraft of Airbus 320 family, A320 aircraft is widely used and more suitable aircraft for Indian sky. A320 is the most successful and versatile jetliner aircraft, seating of 180 passengers and flying throughout the world. A320 can take passengers anywhere. As the longest-range single-aisle aircraft, airlines and passengers alike have benefited from the A320’s exceptional efficiency and quality since its introduction, which has opened up exciting new travel possibilities throughout the world. A320 is continues to be the preferred choice for passengers and customers; setting the standard for the single-aisle market and securing its status as the world’s best-selling aircraft of all time.

A320 is an aircraft that you can rely on.


The ATR 72-600 is the most popular and economical aircraft for regional connectivity, its unbeatable operational versatility at small runways make it the perfect aircraft to support Zav Airways’ plans to build its regional network in India, An introduction of the ATR-72/600 fleet goes in line with the Indian government’s Regional Connectivity Scheme - Udan, which begin to promote economic development, employment and tourism by connecting small and remote cities. ATR-72 has most modern cabin interiors, specifically designed for ATR by the Italian firm Giugiaro, with thinner seats, larger overhead bins and LED lightening for an optimal passenger experience. With its new ATR 72-600s Zav Airways will be able to offer their passengers affordable fares, while opening new routes throughout northeast sector, thus contributing to developing local economies and strengthening social links.


About the ATR 72-600: 

  • Passenger capacity: 68-78 seats

  • Engines: Pratt & Whitney 127M

  • Maximum power at take-off: 2,750 horse power per engine

  • Maximum weight at take-off: 23,000 Kg

  • Maximum load: 7,500 Kg

  • Maximum range with full passenger load: 900 nautical miles (1,665 Km)​